Digital Academy – Day 3

The final day was packed with entrepreneurial spirit, and the students got the chance to both challenge themselves, work in team, and present the ideas and solutions that they had worked on the previous days. Day three was a good mix of lessons, drama classes and pitching. The Students also got a chance to learn from experienced young entrepreneurs.

Jackson started out the day with a lesson in entrepreneurship: What is the best way to sell a pen? The students learned about how important it is to sell a solution that others actually need! But entrepreneurship isn’t just about selling a product, the students were introduced to how important it is to actually have a market, viability and a good team!

After the lesson, the students got the opportunity to work on their pitching techniques. An important part is your performance on stage, and the students got the chance to try out different drama techniques to improve their presentations.


Shortly after the students got to pitch their idea in front of everyone, but first it was time to learn from the experienced. A panel of entrepreneurs shared their experience as young entrepreneurs and what the journey had thought them so far. There was a lot of vice advice, and also some good life lessons!

“If it is not working, admit that it is not working, and move on. But don’t give up on the vision that you started with!”

Finally, it was the students turn to present their work, and yes, we were impressed! In only three days the students had managed to create interesting and valuable ideas, worked with webpages and web design to present their products, and finally, in only two minutes, pitching the idea to an audience!



We really hope that some of our entrepreneurial spirit inspired them, and maybe, one day, we will see them again as owners of their own business.


All the teachers involved in this Digital Academy had a great time, and we want to thank everyone for joining us on this great journey!


Digital Academy – Day 2

After an exciting first day we set of on the second day of the workshop. We were all eagered to learn more about Kuala Lumpur and the rich history of the city. We enjoyed a guided city tour, where we got to explore some of the famous sites and monuments. Our guide did a fantastic job teaching us about the country of Malaysia and the culture of Kuala Lumpur. We first had a stop at the world famous Petronas Towers. We got a great view to the towers, and a very good spot for pictures. After a photo session we moved on to a delicious chocolate factory, where we also got to taste the famous white coffee of Malaysia. Getting our caffeine fill for the day we got to explore the rest of the city like the national museum of Malaysia, and the King’s palace.



After our tour we set of to the very impressive offices of MaGIC. They welcomed us to their offices and provided workspace for us, where we hosted the afternoon sessions. After a catered lunch we began the second part of our program. First we had a panel debate about entrepreneurship in Malaysia. We also got a very interesting talk about 3d printing, with a live demo.


After this session we moved on to learn about websites. Ingrid and Mari gave a short lecture on how to build websites in WordPress, before letting the students try it out for them self. Although we encountered some minor WordPress issues we were able to get everyone working on a website. Having received a step-by-step guide by the lecturers the students got to work. They explored the various options in WordPress and had fun experimenting with different ideas and templates. All of the coaches helped out in the work session, making sure everyone got of to a good start. Seeing how none of them had any previous experience with creating webpages, we were amazed at the results. We also applaud their engagement to the task, and their passion for their work.

IMG_4094 IMG_4091 IMG_4074

After the work session we were ready for dinner. Some of the students were so engaged in their work that they forgot all about the food, but we made sure everyone was well fed. After a tour around their offices we called it a day, and headed back to our hotel for some rest before our last day of workshop.


Digital Academy – Day 1


Time: 11:15pm

Location: Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore.


Where might we be going?


Why, to Kuala Lumpur for a 3-day Digital Marketing workshop, of course! Setting off with 87 product design students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Code for Asia collaborated with Tech Society and Xu Bo to pioneer the school’s first workshop abroad.



Happy, cheery faces of organisers. Probably unaware of unforeseen challenges ahead.


A speedy coach took us from Singapore to Parkroyal, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, in just under 5 hours, and we hit the ground running. Luggages were lugged, quick showers were showered, power naps were nabbed, wifi hotspots were spotted then immediately utilised. A generous international breakfast buffet later – lady economies of scale smiles upon us for bringing a large crowd into the hotel – we were literally within minutes of beginning our first session.



Early crew leaves early to set up equipments. 


The first day promised to be a challenging affair – we aimed to introduce the students to Digital Marketing. But what is Digital Marketing, really? From our own experience and research, we know the term digital to potentially be extremely ~vague~ for it encompasses so many things. And so how do you being to condense something that is so expansive?


Pedagogically, we opted instead to share basic, transferrable factoids of Digital Marketing: those of strategic content utilisation, compelling storytelling in content creation, and simple economic terms. We filled our examples with examples, both good and bad, with the hope that the bad may serve as lessons and the good as inspirations.



From bus, to breakfast, to ballroom.



Combating fatigue (very intensively) through physical games.


The students are young, passionate, and demographically the biggest consumers of digital marketing and social media. Beyond the workshop, beyond the gentle nudging of our workshop, we were certain that they could take charge of their own learning. We offered many interesting case studies of current and past examples of digital marketing, and pointed out how malleable, dynamic, and powerful it can be. It also does not take a pragmatist to note that digital marketing can come at almost no cost at all, with low barriers to entry – on social media platforms, we are all already marketers of our own lives! We ended day 1 on a simple and straightforward thought: effective digital marketing awaits us on our doorsteps.



We made it to the end of Day 1!


Aside from food for the mind, we hoped to provide students with food for the body too! It is through the generous catering from The Westin – we held our workshop there on day 1 – that our meals may be taken care of.



And what great job The Westin did!



Tasty, tasty food for the body.



Well fed, and most definitely also well seated.


The pioneer project is off to a promising start! And so everyone celebrated it in the best way they know how: by crashing into bed for well-deserved rest.


Stay tuned for updates from day 2!