Thank you for your interest in uplifting young minds. We are looking for people that can advise/guide/cheerlead participants in the areas as below. Our participants will typically be:

  • Pre-university students
  • University students
  • Everyone else

who are prototyping solutions for gender equality using MIT App Inventor or the typical web stack (HTML/CSS+Bootstrap/JavaScript). So there is someone to mentor for everyone… You would preferably have some experience in technology/marketing/design/communications/the social sector. Most importantly, we are looking for a nurturing mind who can inspire and act as a role model for participants.

Score Type Dimension General Description Max Score
Objective Empathy Did the team identify a real, significant problem? 5*
Innovation Is the submitted prototype fully functional and intuitive to use? 5*
Entrepreneurship Is the presented solution desirable? Is it addressing the right market? 5*
Subjective Storytelling Is the pitch compelling? 5*
Diversity Representation and Female Leadership Is the team diverse, exhibiting meaningful female contribution? 5*

Please fill up the form as below on Chrome to avoid technical issues and we will get in touch shortly. Drop us an email at [email protected] or WhatsApp 81833039 if you encounter issues!


What is the commitment expected?

You are volunteering your time, so we expect students to work around your schedule and you help out when you can, hence all the questions about your availability and interests! For your reference though, this cycle of #codeathon closes on October 18 2017.

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