Summer of Code


Organisations Involved:

  • Holland-Bukit Timah CC
  • IDA Labs
  • Local Educational Institutions

From 7 year olds to PMETs, coding can be fun and relevant for everyone. We’re inviting all tertiary students to join us on this journey of making coding a basic literacy a reality, starting with YOU! Why pay $5000 for a vendor (with running charges for site maintenance) when you can learn to set up your own functioning website in a day? For the ambitious and enterprising, we’ll impart you data handling and basic Python programming that will make you more career-ready as well. Book your slot today!


  • A working Android app OR a live web store OR a playable game OR a portfolio of data analysis projects OR a Raspberry Pi computer
  • Learners are encouraged to give back to the community by volunteering and/or facilitating subsequently