While I was sharing our Guizhou project idea in Suzhou to a conference room of developers, working professionals, students and entrepreneurs, our awesome team members finished a marathon training for Michigan and NTU students at the Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre.

How I ended up speaking in Suzhou had to do with cost of living. Upon arriving in Shanghai from Guiyang, Gray and I decided that Shanghai was too expensive and we needed to collect ourselves together in Suzhou first. So off we went. And Suzhou rewarded us tremendously. 🙂

A Guizhou Story and Asset-Based Community Development from Code for Asia Society on Vimeo. (Please pretend that you did not notice the missing words.)

I texted Jin Jian at 8.30pm the night before (June 4) about how I’m more than happy to share about our Guizhou plans if they were still looking for speakers, he said to send slides over so I grabbed dinner, sent slides over at 1.30am and found myself addressing a conference room full of people at the XianJiaotong-Liverpool Conference Center on the 5th of June (and had dinner taken care of :D). What I love most of all about the entire experience was the friendliness and openness of the organisers and the attendees. Really awesome.

Then on 6 June, our team in Singapore spent the night in Nanyang Technopreneurship Center teaching Michigan and NTU students to prototype their ideas.

IMG_5907 (1)

It was part of an overnight (and so they had beanbags) entrepreneurship camp so the would-be entrepreneurs were exposed to an overview of programming languages, making a website in Wordpress and rapidly prototyping using MIT App Inventor… All in 6 hours!

2016-06-11 16.32.31

That same weekend, we “brought” kids, parents and seniors out to code using Scratch at the Jurong Regional Library. The participants learnt to make virtual pets on Scratch. So people across the generations are trying out “coding”… What other excuse do you (still) have?

2016-06-11 16.48.52

Thank you all for spending your time with us to build cool stuff together. 🙂

Everyone can and should code!