After an exciting first day we set of on the second day of the workshop. We were all eagered to learn more about Kuala Lumpur and the rich history of the city. We enjoyed a guided city tour, where we got to explore some of the famous sites and monuments. Our guide did a fantastic job teaching us about the country of Malaysia and the culture of Kuala Lumpur. We first had a stop at the world famous Petronas Towers. We got a great view to the towers, and a very good spot for pictures. After a photo session we moved on to a delicious chocolate factory, where we also got to taste the famous white coffee of Malaysia. Getting our caffeine fill for the day we got to explore the rest of the city like the national museum of Malaysia, and the King’s palace.



After our tour we set of to the very impressive offices of MaGIC. They welcomed us to their offices and provided workspace for us, where we hosted the afternoon sessions. After a catered lunch we began the second part of our program. First we had a panel debate about entrepreneurship in Malaysia. We also got a very interesting talk about 3d printing, with a live demo.


After this session we moved on to learn about websites. Ingrid and Mari gave a short lecture on how to build websites in WordPress, before letting the students try it out for them self. Although we encountered some minor WordPress issues we were able to get everyone working on a website. Having received a step-by-step guide by the lecturers the students got to work. They explored the various options in WordPress and had fun experimenting with different ideas and templates. All of the coaches helped out in the work session, making sure everyone got of to a good start. Seeing how none of them had any previous experience with creating webpages, we were amazed at the results. We also applaud their engagement to the task, and their passion for their work.

IMG_4094 IMG_4091 IMG_4074

After the work session we were ready for dinner. Some of the students were so engaged in their work that they forgot all about the food, but we made sure everyone was well fed. After a tour around their offices we called it a day, and headed back to our hotel for some rest before our last day of workshop.


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