The final day was packed with entrepreneurial spirit, and the students got the chance to both challenge themselves, work in team, and present the ideas and solutions that they had worked on the previous days. Day three was a good mix of lessons, drama classes and pitching. The Students also got a chance to learn from experienced young entrepreneurs.

Jackson started out the day with a lesson in entrepreneurship: What is the best way to sell a pen? The students learned about how important it is to sell a solution that others actually need! But entrepreneurship isn’t just about selling a product, the students were introduced to how important it is to actually have a market, viability and a good team!

After the lesson, the students got the opportunity to work on their pitching techniques. An important part is your performance on stage, and the students got the chance to try out different drama techniques to improve their presentations.


Shortly after the students got to pitch their idea in front of everyone, but first it was time to learn from the experienced. A panel of entrepreneurs shared their experience as young entrepreneurs and what the journey had thought them so far. There was a lot of vice advice, and also some good life lessons!

“If it is not working, admit that it is not working, and move on. But don’t give up on the vision that you started with!”

Finally, it was the students turn to present their work, and yes, we were impressed! In only three days the students had managed to create interesting and valuable ideas, worked with webpages and web design to present their products, and finally, in only two minutes, pitching the idea to an audience!



We really hope that some of our entrepreneurial spirit inspired them, and maybe, one day, we will see them again as owners of their own business.


All the teachers involved in this Digital Academy had a great time, and we want to thank everyone for joining us on this great journey!


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