Why Code?
In this era of complex change and uncertainty, lifelong learning is inevitable. Many forces have conspired to unleash a perfect storm: we are now experiencing a skills challenge of hitherto unseen proportions as Capital is pit against Labour in this Fourth Industrial Revolution, automation and robotics are ensuring that manufacturing can make do with fewer workers even as its share of national output continues to expand…


In this context, we humans have to do what is uniquely human – constantly learn and reinvent ourselves to prosper given these new realities.

A Question for Yourself

What problem do you want to solve with your life? What will you need to learn in order to be able to do that? — We view code as a cross-domain literacy, with computational thinking as a basic building block of effective problem-solving, together with empathetic designs.

Who Are We

In our previous and parallel lives, the founding members of Code for Asia Society Ltd. have taught kids in Singaporean schools, kids living on mountaintops, migrant workers’ children, kids studying in international schools etc. and we have found the love for games and a desire to create to be universal human urges indeed.

Code for Asia Society Ltd. is a Company Limited by Guarantee headquartered in Singapore. We count accounting, anthropology, computer science, economics, environmental engineering, history, information systems and mathematics majors in our midst.