CodeNomad is a travel and learn bootcamp for the global age. Talents from different parts of the world with a demonstrated capacity for applying tech for good are brought together in a bootcamp lasting anywhere from 5-10 days to Connect, Co-Create and Collaborate through interactive workshops, working sessions, peer sharing and so on.


We provide ample opportunities for participants to get to know each other and their cultures over ice-breakers, food and outdoors. Players from the local entrepreneurial ecosystem are also invited to share their perspectives or give advice to the cohort.


The CodeNomad programme agenda is participant-led and revised-on-the-fly in response to learners’ needs and interests in technical/non-technical content. Through various touch-points such as pre-and-post surveys, interviews and peer coaching, we instill consensus-building and norms for working together.


The CodeNomad experience goes far beyond this 10 days. Post-programme, 6 months of structured follow-up support will be provided to help learners achieve the next milestones in their personal growth or the development of their projects. A small funding pool and connection to funding sources are also available to take projects to the next stage.

The endgame of CodeNomad is to go beyond prototype and develop a Minimum Viable Product that allows the user to complete at least one action of value for subsequent testing.

  • 2018 winter edition: Kuala Lumpur (completed)
  • 2019 summer edition: Hangzhou (completed)
  • 2019 winter edition: Bali (WIP)