DIEM is a cross-border digital innovation programme that empowers students from different disciplines to learn and co-create tech solutions to capture emerging, global opportunities. You will learn to build digital products that matter by working as teams to develop intuitive and tested Minimum Viable Products for the real world. To do this, you will learn and apply methodologies such as agile development, design thinking and lean start-up which came out of Silicon Valley for the Asian context. Students will be required to grasp business needs, work closely with users and undergo an iterative software development process. This module will give you exposure to designing for cross-cultural environments and the ethical impacts of digital technologies as well. You will also be able to experiment with cutting-edge technologies such as a.i. in this module. In summary, DIEM aims to provide a safe and inclusive environment for anyone who wants to create impact with technology to learn as a community.

This is an experimental module that aims to cater for beginners and experts alike, allowing both technical and non-technical students to work together alongside overseas peers and industry experts. There are no exams, your assignments will consist of learning reflections, building websites, attending external learning events and etc. As you progress in the module, you can choose to focus on 1 of 3 tracks: Technical, Entrepreneurship or Storytelling (Digital Marketing).

This 4 Modular Credit Unrestricted Elective will be graded as CS/CU (Completed Satisfactorily/Completed Unsatisfactorily) and offered again in AY 2019/2010 Semester 2. DYOM also will not be counted toward the limit stipulated on the number of Level-1000 modules. For more frequently asked questions, visit this link.

At the end of the module, students will be able to:

  • Build up their portfolio via taking a digital project for impact from zero to launch
  • Become effective team players that can communicate across business and engineering teams
  • Experience cross-border collaborations and build international connections
  • Be part of a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team
  • Understand the cultural and ethical implications of technology

Apart from completing challenge-based individual work, students will be grouped into teams of 6-9 (2-3 technical, 2-3 entrepreneurship and 2-3 storytelling) to work on opportunity areas of interest. There will be opportunities to do peer teaching, showcase your products and be a part of overseas validation trips as well. Please complete the form at the end of this page to sign yourself up.

How Past NUS Students Would Describe DIEM to a Friend

  • DIEM is an independent module that required collaboration with overseas partners in order to create a suitable MVP that is presentable to people. I feel that it is a good experience since the contents and curriculum in this module are definitely different from the modules that are offered in school.
  • How to think like an entrepreneur: Software development edition
  • An iterative process.
  • A module where you can try out new skills without being scared your CAP will drop.
  • Designing for overseas markets
  • It’s a module that would allow you to gain an experience thinking and doing activities like a start-up. Fun and exciting module like no other lol. Worth a try esp if u have spare MCs
  • Have an open mind
  • It is a course to broaden your horizon and give business insights
  • Good platform to learn how to build end-to-end web applications


Detailed course content can be seen here.

Please note that this course outline is subject to change and will be adjusted to suit the needs of the cohort assembled.

Projects for Impact

Some of the projects you’ll be working on are introduced below. Please note that requirements and technology stack may change, as we learn more about target audiences in different markets and collaborate on these projects with various social enterprises from around the world. More projects might be opened up later so there’ll be more opportunities to hone your skills!

(Screenshot above: Happy to Help working prototype)

We are looking for diverse skillsets on each project team, i.e. both technical and non-technical talents.

  • EDvengers: A community-driven portal for lifelong learning, anywhere in the world
    • Technology stack: NodeJS, React, Docker, MongoDB, DigitalOcean, Twilio
  • Visual Dictionary: An app for learning Mandarin through computer vision and speech recognition
    • Technology stack: Tensorflow, Google TextToSpeech, Chinese speech engine (iFlyTek)
  • Happy to Help: An app to turn any smartphone into a peer helpline on college campuses
    • Technology stack: React Native, Twilio, TextToSpeech
  • Propose your own!

Check out some portfolio pages built by past students from both technical and non-technical backgrounds below:

Past Collaborators/Guests/Speakers

We are grateful to these experts for availing their time during Semester 1:

and our wonderful Chinese friends – Bonnie, Hannah, Yajie and Yipei – for working with the NUS teams.

Overseas Showcase

For students who are keen, you might get an opportunity to showcase your project at the 2050 Conference in Hangzhou (April 24-26). Initiated by the CTO of Alibaba, the 2050 Conference is an event with 20,000 youths from China and around the world to gather because of a shared passion in technology.

Note: This is obviously pending the COVID-19 situation. Most likely international travel won’t be taking place for the rest of 2020 and most of 2021, but we could always invite alumni to travel in the future when this becomes possible again!

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