Every cycle, we build on digital product initiatives that contribute to our desired SDGs of impact. Find out more about our line-up of digital products in development below.

  • EDvengers is a blended learning solution for digital natives. It aims to empower educational institutions to scale their impacts through scaleable online course delivery facilitated for learning on-the-go and impact reporting. It enables young people to access a global pool of bite-sized, continuous learning opportunities supported by a pool of coaches and mentors.
  • hāi is a speech-to-text recognition and evaluation engine for the Mandarin language powered by a.i.. It enables rural preschoolers to learn and have themselves tested in a mobile game setting so that they can be more school-ready. Possible extensions are to evaluate communication effectiveness based on youths’ spoken inputs and/or apply as an interview preparation tool.
  • Other products that we are potentially interested in developing:
    • An algorithm for fraud detection
    • An algorithm for team formation
    • Modelling mutual insurance against climate risk for countries