We run a series of regular flagship initiatives to create safe, inclusive environments for beginners and experts alike to collaborate on solving for SDGs. Through a Problem-based Learning approach and content such as a.i., agile development, data science, design thinking, mobile development, entrepreneurship and web development delivered through workshops, hackathons and regular events, we build communities of learning that last beyond the event itself.

  • #codeathon is an annual beginner-friendly, learning-intensive online hackathon that brings a global pool of youths together to address SDG areas of interest.
  • CodeNomad is a summer/winter digital innovation bootcamp where selected talents from different cultures and disciplines are able to connect, co-create and collaborate together as they work towards delivering a Minimum Viable Product or engage in Value Sprints.
  • CodeCircles is a series of regular learning events organised locally.
  • CoDE Summit is an¬†unconference and a multi-disciplinary event bringing together tri-sector partners to form lasting relationships, share knowledge, design innovations and commit for systemic change together.
  • Collaborations: We are proud to have hosted collaborative programmes such as Accounting Innovation Challenge, ChangemakerXchange China and Eduvators Exchange together with clients and partners as well.

Learn about how learners and participants are able to up-skill themselves and continually give back to the ecosystem through our Talent Development Model here.