Partners & Sponsors

Our Partners and Sponsors are our direct connection to Southeast Asia’s communities. They are vital in helping the community grow meaningfully. We continue to build our network of Partners and Sponsors so that that there is an ongoing exchange of insights, valuable connections and advocacy within a massive regional youth community that stands together for change.

National Youth Council (Singapore) Advocates youth interests, Connects the youth sector and Enables holistic youth development – imbuing youth with the values and skills to thrive in a globalised world while keeping a strong Singapore heartbeat.

HAUS KCH (Malaysia) is a community-led and community-powered project that revitalises an abandoned buildings into creative and community launchpads. The project features events, workshops and initiatives coordinated by an in-house coordination team and also various Community Partners.

LUKKID (Thailand) designs workshops and collaborative processes to help organizations innovate through the design thinking methodology. Through co-creating, LUKKID helps organizations with discovering customer insights, reframing their business challenges, and ideating new actionable solutions. 

Makesense (Philippines) inspires and empowers citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations to build an inclusive and sustainable society together.

Robogals CDO (Philippines) and Robogals Jakarta (Indonesia) together form a student run global organization that inspires, engages and empowers young women to pursue engineering and related fields.

MASH Project Foundation (India) is committed to building a global community of young social changemakers. The organisation has built a strong network of like-minded individuals and engaged multi-stakeholders from Policy Makers to Young Entrepreneurs, Activists to Academia to create a platform for people, ideas, and actions to come together & synergize for creating greater social impact!

Tribeless (Malaysia) is a global movement and experience design firm that aims to create safe spaces for open and honest conversation.

CDO b.i.t.e.s. (Philippines)  is a regionally recognized technology business incubator that provides an enabling environment between homegrown entrepreneurs and industries. The organization fosters innovative concepts among budding startups and MSMEs especially those leaning towards IT/ICT verticals to provide them opportunities for the realization of economic goals while promoting socio-economic development in Northern Mindanao, Philippines.

GDG Cagayan de Oro (Philippines) is a group of developers that fosters learning of Google’s developer technologies. Since 2013, GDG CDO organizes free events for students and professionals that tackle the latest Google technologies and how they can integrate it to their day-to-day projects.



Our Ambassadors bring the energy and wealth of knowledge to our team and to the participants in our programs. Together, we are stronger in working towards the same goals, building a lasting relationship with our cross-cultural communities and strengthening our collective voice in the region.

Deepshikha Chhetri
Ambassador, New Delhi, India

Deepshikha is a public health consultant and youth advocate for Women's Health and Gender Rights.

Irvandias Sanjaya
Ambassador, Jakarta, Indonesia

Irvandias is a social entrepreneur driving change in Disability Empowerment and Equal Rights.

Kathleen Largo
Ambassador, Quezon City, Philippines

Kathleen is an intrapreneur and ecosystem builder in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Pooja Rai
Ambassador, Bangalore, India

Pooja is a social entrepreneur who is making play accessible to all by building sustainable playscapes.