Guidelines: Our pool of mentors come from various industries and disciplines, and they share 2 similarities:

    1. They are passionate about helping you succeed.
    2. They are all busy a.k.a their time is occupied professionally between 9am-6pm and sometimes after.

So, to maximise benefits on both ends, please approach your mentors with SPECIFIC QUERIES. Always Google something and try something on your own before you seek their further advice/comments. What tends to happen is that either they take a look at your work and give comments or they can refer you to possible places of support or to try out alternatives if you get stuck. We will furnish this section with a guide on securing your own mentors soon as well.

So, how do I receive mentorship support?

Please join this Facebook group and post your queries inside.

Issue Mentors

Juliet Tanuwira is working in a leading NGO in Singapore as Associate Psychologist. She graduated from Australian National University with a Bachelor in Psychology in 2013. She also holds a Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing, a Certificate in Foundation of Play Therapy, a Specialist Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties and etc.




Design / UI UX Mentors

Stephanie is currently working as a UI/UX Designer in Jana Care. She graduated from Nanyang Technology University (NTU) with Bachelor Engineering in Computer Science in 2016. Aside from school, she worked freelance as a UI/UX designer, front-end developer and internet marketer for more than 3 years. She designed websites, applications, landing pages, info-graphics and posters that deliver results.

Teo Choong Ching is a UX Designer at Rakuten Viki, raised in Malaysia and currently living in Singapore. He strives to craft simple and useful experiences that inform and delight users. His interests include interactive design fundamentals, UX design, visual storytelling and digital narrative forms. He worked at AsiaRooms, Aleph-Labs, Proximity BBDO and OgilvyOne. When he’s not designing you’ll find him wandering with his camera in the streets or fumbling with his VR headset.



Technology Mentors

Candiie is a hackathon enthusiast and frequent winner of hackathons, placing top 8 internationally at the Facebook Global Hackathon 2016. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Computing (Honours) in Computer Science with Merit in December 2016.

Casie is the Singapore Managing Director of SheWorx, a global collective of ambitious female entrepreneurs redefining leadership. She completed the TechLadies programme in 2016 and is passionate about teaching other people to code.

Cheryl is the Co-Founder, Product Development at Thinges Pte. Ltd. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering in 2013. An experienced Android developers, she hopes to help younger students grow a love for programming.

Florbela is a Software Engineer with Google Inc. who had recently moved from headquarter to Singapore. Over the past 9 years at Google, she had been part of the engineering teams working across the stack building products that touch billions of user on Google Books, Google Hangouts, Google Fit, Android, and most recently Allo.

Nitya is a Management Consultant with a leading bank in Singapore. A Nanyang Scholarship recipient, she completed the Renaissance Engineering Programme in Nanyang Technological University, with a Master of Science (Technology Management) and a Bachelor in Engineering Science (Computer Science) in December 2015.

Qiao Liang currently works as a Backend Software Engineer at Grab. He had single-handedly built BigSpoon’s core mobile products (Android, iOS, React Native). Qiao Liang graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Double Degree in Computer Engineering and Economics in 2015.

Henry Lim
Ping Chew
Dittaya Wanvarie

Henry Lim loves to explore and experiment the latest Google Web Developer technologies. By employing Progressive Web Apps, Polymer, AMP, Firebase, he aims to dramatically improve our digital environment. Being the co-organizer at Google Developer Group Kuala Lumpur, his mandate is to introduce to the masses the newest technologies Google has to offer. He is the winner of the Best Progressive Web App in Firebase Static Showdown 2016 Hackathon and Google’s Firebass Challenge.

Ping Chew is an outstanding Growth Team Tech Lead at Next Academy. Her past 2 years were eventfully spent mentoring and grooming the young generation on Web Development. She has built several learning portals and internal tools for the company, making her an incredible asset to any employers. She is psyched to inspire and empower the next generation, especially females, to participate in the Technology Industry.

Dittaya Wanvarie, a Ph.D. holder in Computational Intelligence and Systems Science, is a highly revered lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. Her expertise is in natural language processing and information retrieval. Her extensive research in the realm of Computer Science and Intelligent Information had benefited the global community immensely, and she is an established author of several intriguing publications.
Shaii Ong
Faisal Hourani
Trinh Nguyen
Shaii Ong is a developer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is passionate about growing the developer community and getting more women into tech. When she is not coding, she makes plushies and organises tea parties.
Faisal Hourani is the founder of He is driven by curiosity and passion to solve problems, always wondering why things work the way they do? how can we do them differently? how can we do them better?
Trinh Nguyen is a hacker, learner, problem-solver and a full-stack developer, besides being a linux system engineer. He is passionate about education methodologies and policies and is the founder of VAcademy, a project with a mission to change the Education System of Vietnam.
Brian Boon
Yohannes Affandy
Bỉnh Diệu
Brian Boon is the CEO, Co-Founder and brilliant mind behind, which serves as a global online mentoring platform to help connect university students and gen-professionals to career mentors from different industries and companies around the world. In his previous appointment as the Senior Associate at Ethos & Company, he was responsible for developing several cutting-edge digital strategies, which were major contributing factors to his client’s success.
Yohannes Affandy Siregar is the Head of Business Development of PT Dewaweb, a cloud hosting company in Indonesia founded since 2014 with the vision to help small medium businesses get the best hosting experience. He is leading the team of Marketing, Design, Sales, and Business Development to build Dewaweb as the most trusted cloud web hosting brand in Indonesia. He is now pursuing his masters degree in Management. His hobbies are reading, jogging, and hustling. He is always open for new connections. So, you might wanna connect him through his email.
Bỉnh Diệu is a Ruby trainer and has many years of experience in training and developing web programming. With continuous learning ability, effective problem solving and communication skills, he has always been trying to upgrade himself in order to train many people in the Vietnamese IT community.
Sophie Victor
Phuong Mai
Hung Nguyen
Sophie Victor is the co-founder and the ingenious mind behind OBook. Remarkably, OBook was one of the finalist at U.S. Ambassador’s Entrepreneurship Challenge 2017 in Hanoi. In addition to her success with OBook, Sophie created and published numerous iOS applications for adolescents on the App Stores, created and illustrated 3 packs of stickers, designed and completed iOS applications – Emotional Clock and LoveTap – during the eventful course of her professional life.
Phuong Mai is a passionate educator and life-long learner. She has spent over 10 years on educating students. She also loves travelling as that how she learns, experiences and feels the world in her own way. She believes that coding is a fun way to learn a new kind of language as well as a great chance for kids to reflect their own thinking and keep creative.
Hung Nguyen is a web developer who is curious about technology, especially web technique and online services. He strongly feels that everyone should learn computer skills, with great development of information technology in recent decades. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with the youth to empower them, help them prepare better for further progress.
Varis Darasirikul
Chainarong Tangsurakit
Yumashish Subba
Varis Darasirikul is a senior front end developer at Pomelo Fashion, one of the leading online fashion brands in Asia. His enthusiasm for lifelong learning drove him to keep on taking courses for professional development, such as Graphic Design and full stack Ruby on Rails, after his graduation from the university. Having learnt computer multimedia for four years and working in the industry for over three years, he has developed a deep understanding of front end web development and software engineering.
Chainarong Tangsurakit is a full stack lead developer in a fast-growing, globally-scaled startup company based in Thailand. His mastery in the multiple stages of development allows him to ensure the reliability and cost-effectiveness of a system. An avid learner of new technologies, he eagerly contributes his knowledge and expertise back, to strengthen communities. He believes that by making the learning curve gentler for learners, the tech community as a whole can channel their energies to engage in more productive endeavors with real impact.

Yumashish Subba
Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Yumashish is proficient in front-end web servers, deployment tools, and source control and is currently working in Agoda as a full stack engineer. During his university academic years, he took internship placements in web development, database management and software developer, which enabled him to acquire practical skills in IT industry and to enrich the experience. Equipping himself with technological expertise in web and app development, he is now looking forward to working in a startup environment.

Elizabeth Liew

Elizabeth Liew has carved out her passion in social and environmental development, across various industries from banking, hospitality to education over the last 10 years. A strong believer in social change, Liz has conducted CSR-related programmes for more than 2,000 children and adults in her career across the Asia-Pacific region. Proficient in 4 languages and presently learning French, Liz holds a double major in Public Relations and Journalism. When not working with TechSoup Asia-Pacific, Liz teaches Vinyasa Yoga and enjoys her Swing Lindy Hop dancing She is based in KL and can be reached on [email protected]

Riza Fahmi is the Co-founder and Curriculum Director of Hacktiv8, a company purposed to address the shortage of quality developers in Indonesia. Through coding boot camps, Hacktiv8 empowers web developers and connects them with local aspiring tech startups. Riza’s passion in knowledge sharing is founded in the belief that technology is the crux to problem-solving in the future, which drives him to become a lecturer at Universitas Budi Luhur; an organizer for JakartaJS and Meteor Jakarta; a speaker at Singapore Elixir Meetup, GeekCamp and Lambda Jakarta. He is also the host for AppsCoast, which is a podcast of interviews with aspiring startup founders and technologists.

Stephanus Widjaja is the Founder of Business Indonesia Singapore Association, KinerjaBisa and Revival Network. Stephanus’ companies specializes in business matching and is representing several Singapore companies operating their businesses across various industries. Through KinerjaBisa, entrepreneurs are given the immense support required to expand their businesses in Singapore. His committed and unwavering contribution to the growth of enterprises has definitely helped businesses grow in robustness and vigour. His vast networks is a testament to his fame in the industry.