Code for Asia Society Ltd. (UEN: 201607501D) is a proud coalition of technopreneurs and educators who hopes to implement coding across the board and ensure access to quality code education for everyone, beginning with Asia. We view coding as this generation’s new literacy skill.

Our Founding Members

Chen Enjiao (Ernie): Ernie is in the process of publishing the updated Environmentally Responsible Happy Nation Index in academia with professor Ng Yew-Kwang. A passionate lifelong learner and winner of Google’s We Are Squared scholarship, Ernie is a strong believer in the centrality of coding to our age. She had won awards to study in Yonsei University, Tsinghua University as well as Tianjin University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Economics and Minor in Entrepreneurship from Nanyang Technological University.

Shubham Goyal: Currently CTO of Holmusk – a big data healthcare company. Winner of various hackathons. Published academically. Research experiences at National University of Singapore (NUS) and Imperial College London. Completed Computer Science in NUS.

Wu Jiayi: Jiayi is a seasoned entrepreneur with business start-up and management experiences in the fashion and lifestyle space. Never one to shy from challenges, she is astute to operate across cultures and is leading the organisation’s management affairs as well as expansion strategy into China.