Why we exist

The Gods of Sanhe have found paradise on earth in modern day China. Away from parents, factories and reality, they are free from the conventional constraints of Chinese society, truly living as free as the winds and finding rest on streets. On a more serious note, juvenile crime rate is seeing annual percentage increases that outstrip Chinese GDP growth. The Gods of Sanhe and juvenile criminals are the untold, emerging faces of China’s third generation migrant workforce who spent their childhoods left-behind by parents in hollowed-out villages.

Borne after the 90s and 00s, these youths are at far greater risk of mental health conditions, dropping out of school and turning to a life of crime. An estimated 130 million of migrant youths were left-behind children.

The fate of these rural youths is a darker undertone to the plight of countless youths in Asia with burgeoning aspirations but little means to make their own destinies. Code for Asia is on a journey to work with youths on an equal partnership basis to enable them to attain critical digital competencies, and to empower them to monetise their skill-sets for sustainable change.

Unprecedented Opportunities

The digital revolution is changing the way that we live, work and play.

Youths Left-Behind

Youths without the necessary skillsets and networks face increasing risks.

A Global Phenomenon

An estimated 600 million youths aged 15-24 are not at work or training for something.

As a social enterprise, our portfolio is made up of the twin pillars of Training & Development and Software Development. We are generally interested in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud and Data Science technologies.

  • Training & Development:
    • We deliver plug-and-play, hands-on training in essential tech skills for busy executives.
    • We develop youths as community and tech leaders through Problem-based Learning workshops, conferences, hackathons and working with them as co-creators in our flagship year-long digital transformation event series: #codeathon and CodeNomad leading into spin-off product or community teams.
    • Organisations can leverage our access and expertise to explore new product innovations for their areas of interest.
  • Software Development: We focus on products in the education space, leveraging technology stacks such as WordPress, MEAN and React Native.


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